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BGI Forum Rules

1.  We don't bash people, ours or others, or other organizations on these forums. It is quite alright to mention other organizations, just no bashing.

2.  We avoid inflammatory topics such as religion, lifestyle, abortion and politics. It is, however, absolutely ok to ask for prayer.

3.  Do not go to other forums bashing BGI.  If you partake of the fellowship  and benefits here that should go without saying.

4.  Keep it reasonably clean.  We are a  family type organization.

5.  If you post your images in our forums, you give BGI permission to use those photos in other areas on BGI's website, such as the Galleries or the Databases, and on BGI's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

That's it for behavior on the forums.  Not so many rules after all. As you can see, these rules are just plain courteous behavior. Please keep to the spirit as well as the letter of these rules. If you have problems with another member, keep it in private email. That isn't BGI's business. Have fun and enjoy the forums. That is what they are for.