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Brugmansia 'DS Sublime'

Pod Parent:   Jericho
Pollen Parent:   Eva
Hybridizer:   Didier Sevestre
Flower Form:   Double or More
Flower Color:   Orange
Flower Position:   Nodding
Flower Shape:   Trumpet
Foliage:   Solid
Species Group:   Warm
Species/Breeding History Set:   cubensis
Name Status:   Established and Accepted
Publication:   BGI Herald 11 (2) 2015
Origin:   France
Comments:   Originally named B. 'Sublime' but antedated by 'SubLime' (Harris 2006). Amended to 'DS Sublime' at the breeder's instruction.
Last updated:   Mar 01 2016 05:19 PM
Photos of Brugmansia 'DS Sublime':  

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