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Brugmansia 'Maya'

Hybridizer:   discovered by Herta Blin in a French nursery
Flower Form:   Single
Flower Color:   Apricot/Melon/Peach
Flower Position:   Nodding
Flower Shape:   Intermediate Trumpet Funnel
Foliage:   Variegated
If variegated, type of variegation:   Cream/White on Green
If a sport, of what cultivar?:   host cultivar unrecorded
Species Group:   Warm
Species/Breeding History Set:   candida
Released:   Yes
Name Status:   Established and Accepted
Publication:   Preissel & Preissel (1994)
Origin:   France
Comments:   It has recently (2012) been speculated by the International Brugmansia & Datura Society registrar that 'Maja' is the correct spelling, despite the consistent use of the spelling 'Maya' by the introducer, the late Herta Blin. No actual evidence was provided that Mme Blin's own usage was incorrect, nor was a case made why a well-known, established and particularly widely used name should have its spelling changed. We therefore conclude that the spelling used when the name was established should be considered correct.

Often confused with 'Peaches & Cream', which has much longer, pendent flowers characteristic of B. versicolor.

'Maya' repeatedly gives off the sport cultivar 'Axelrose' which has green on green variegation, and, less frequently, the non-variegated sport 'Mayan Magic'.
Last updated:   Feb 23 2015 03:54 PM
Photos of Brugmansia 'Maya':  

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